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Syllabus and Parents' Handout

Page history last edited by Gunwant Kaur 6 years, 10 months ago


My name is Gunwant Kaur and I have been working as an Information Technology Teacher since 1999 in B.C.


 I strongly believe in educating parents about the new and ever changing information technology. This year I will organize parents workshop on various current issues related to Info Tech. 

I have 34 Computers, a network printer, and 2 other printers in the computer Lab.  All computers are connected to the Internet.

Whenever l start new software or program I always demonstrate on the projector and follow the given steps:

  • I show them how to use that software
  • What are different options in that software
  • Uses of that software

At the end I explain them about their assignment with due date based on that software. My all assignments for students are always posted on my website: “www.mrsgoyr.pbworks.com “.





I am following the Prescribed Learning Outcomes given in the IRP by BC Ministry of Education.  As information Technology is ever growing field so I often introduce new software as I study them and if they follow Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLO’s ) from IRP by BC Ministry of Education.



Evaluation and assessment


After explaining I observe students what they are doing in the Lab and help them with their problems.  I mark students’ assignment on due date. I take 15% marks off if student is not showing their assignment on due date.


I focus on the following computer skills



Word Processing Skills:                                Software Used : Microsoft Word

  • Create, Save, Revise And Print Documents
  • File Management, Including Manipulation Of Multiple Documents
  • Change The Document Format To The Desired Presentation
  • Cutting, Copying And Pasting Text
  • Preview Documents
  • Switch Between Different Views
  • Use Spell And Grammar Checking To Proof-read Document
  • Paragraph Formatting
  •  Page Breaks, Headers and Footers, borders
  • Page Setup
  • Mail Merging
  • Inserting Menu


  • Table Menu: Make a table, edit (Add/Delete a row or column)


Presentation Skills                                        Software Used: Microsoft Power Point


Spreadsheets                                                                     Software: MS Excel

  • Use The Various Toolbars In PowerPoint
  • Manage Presentation Files
  • Create Presentations
  • Use Different Views In PowerPoint
  • Rearrange, Copy, Delete, And Change The Format For Slides
  • Draw, Resize, Add Text To, And Group Objects
  • Rotate And Flip Objects As Well As Add Effects
  • Create Various Types Of Charts And Graphs
  • Setting Slide Transitions, Timings, Animation
  • Creating Notes Pages And Audience Handouts


  • Name and Reference Cells
  • Protect Data
  • Create Links
  • Use Basic Excel Functions
  • Create Charts
  • Create Databases
  • Work with Data Series


  1.  Creating Animation And Graphics
  2.  Keyboarding Skills
  3.  Web Page Building
  4.  Programming skills
  5. Handling different types of Hardware and Software
  6.   Photo Editing Software
  7.   Movie Making


Difficulty level of the assignments will vary according to the grade level.






Students must do their own work. This means that they must cite all the sources they used. Also, students who borrow other students’ work as well those who loan their work will be held equally responsible. Students caught plagiarizing work must re-do the assignment.




Internet Permission Letter 

To:          Parents and Students
From:     Khalsa School, Old Yale Road Campus
Subject:  Student Access to the Internet

The Khalsa School is connected to the Internet. The Internet represents a unique opportunity for students to explore information that enhances learning. The Internet also has some resources that are not appropriate for young people. We believe benefits outweigh negatives but we are aware that there are some resources we would not want our students to investigate, such as pornography. To reduce the risk of students accessing inappropriate Internet sites, we use an Internet site filtering system. The school is committed to helping students use the Internet responsibly but it is not possible to monitor student usage at all times.

Students will have opportunities to connect with the Internet in classrooms, computer labs, and libraries under the supervision of teachers. Students will be given instruction in the appropriate use of technology and they will be directed toward resources appropriate to curriculum goals.

To ensure the responsible use of the Internet, all students who use the Internet are required to adhere to school policies. Inappropriate use may result in the loss of a student's privilege to use the Internet as well as subject him or her to other consequences.

We encourage parents/guardians and students to discuss the content of this letter. We hope students will share with their parents/guardians some of the exciting Internet projects in which they are engaged during the school year.

By sending this correspondence to you, the school is providing you with information regarding the Internet and notifying you that unless you object, your child will be able to access the Internet. If you object to your child using the Internet you must fill out the information below and return this form to your child’s homeroom teacher.


This objection applies to the 2013 -2014 school year, and must be specifically renewed at the beginning of each school year.

Student's Name (Please Print) ____________________________________________

I object to __________________________________________ using the Internet during the current school year.

Parent's signature____________________                                   Date ______________




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