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Grade 1

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Grade 1



Month and Date 


Mouse Program - Left Click

Mouse Game - Right Click

Mouse  Game - Double Click

Mouse Game - Drag and Drop


Vowel Menu - Short Vowel Sound

Vowel Stacker


Vowel Menu - Long Vowel Sound


Pattern Game

Clifford Kisses - Pattern

Find Missing Number





Skip Counting

Number Order

To find a number on a Hundred Chart


Can you make sense of a sentence?

Match Numbers with Number Words

Squigly's Apple


Count us in.....

Drag and Drop - Robot


Problem-Solving: Draw a Picture


Long Vowels

Make a Word

Missing Sounds

Picture Match


Reading - Real Life Stories






Forces and Movement

Pushes and Pulls




Full Stop

Contractions - Treasure Trove - Find the correct contraction to fit with the treasure chest.


Fly By Contraction Practice - Find the correct airplane to match with the contraction.

Which One? - Choose the correct displayed contraction.


Addition - Little Animal Activity

Hidden Picture

How many 10s can you make?





Brown Bear Typing 


Animal Weigh In

Base Ten

Line Jumper



Are We There Yet? - Select appropriate unit of measure.

Interactive Thermometer - Slide the temperature up or down and see items that match the temperature.

Hop To It - Help frog jump across the pond

Poddle Weigh-In

Subtraction - Maths test

Addition - Maths test

Little Animals Activity Centre - Addition 


Middle Digraphs

Blends Word Wheel - Look at the clue at the bottom and then press each wheel to form the word's beginning and ending sound.






SpellBound - You see the word spelled correctly, then letters are mixed up and you must put them in order again.

Wild West Phonics - Choose MediumHard, or Really Hard to begin the game

Word Maker - Select an ending, then combine letters to create words.


Adventure Sequences

Brenda's Bedroom Border

Complete Parts of the Pattern

Describing Patterns

Hop, Frog, Hop


How Does My Pattern Grow?

Maze of Patterns

Moon Rock Patterns

Counting by Twos

Counting Game - Select the number you wish to count by and start counting!

Ghost Blasters


Multiplication games

Mad Minute Math

Give the Dog a Bone - Find a missing number

Skip Counting





Rhyme Time (Picture Match-up)

S Blends Challenge (Enrichment Activity)


Interactive Weather Maker - investigate how weather is made by observing the effect of the changes that you make

Multiplication games

Mad Minute Math



Word Search

Rhyme Time

Reggie Loves to Rhyme

Rhyming Activity (Level 1, 2 and 3)



What's the Big Idea? Real or Make Believe
Plural Nouns - Add s or es.

  Irregular Plurals - Match the related words, singular to plural.

  Irregular Plurals - Match related words, oes, os. 




Study Matter

Solid, Liquid and Gas

States of Matter

Changing States


Forces and Movement

Pushes and Pulls

Sammy Science House

Matho - Similar to Bingo.

Who Wants to be a Mathionaire - "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" format


Brown Bear Typing 


Proofreading Makes Perfect  - Capitalization and spellings


Grammar Knowledge

Punctuation Knowledge Quiz

Sentence Clubhouse - Select type of sentences and insert correct punctuation.

Special Names - Find the correct capitalization of proper nouns.

What's My Mark? - Read the sentence and click on the correct answer; 10 questions in this game.






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