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Grade 2

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Grade 2



Month and Date 

Typing Practise

Color Pattern

Pattern Match

Pattern - Line Dry


Pattern Chomper

Pattern Quiz - 15 Questions

Make Your Own Pattern


Count By Twos

To find a number on a Hundred Chart

Spooky Sequence - Count by Fives

Spooky Sequence - Count by Tens


Addition Pactice

Subtraction Practice




Study Matter

Solid, Liquid and Gas

States of Matter

Changing States


Sentence Structure

Wall of Words

Word Order Activity

The Patch Worker


Long and Short Vowel Match

Vowel Digraphs

Partitioning numbers

Furious Frogs - Multi-player game practicing synonyms, antonyms or homonyms. Select which one you want to practice and then join a game.

Synonyms Practise # 1

Synonyms Practise # 2

Starship from BBC




Homophone Pictures

Homonyms - [Word Confusion] From Fun Brain.

Reading : F-9 Kids Space Adventures



Career Research (Subject wise) 


Sentences - Which word makes this word group a complete sentence? 

1. Shark Numbers

2. Life Guard

3. Dinosaur Place Value

4. Partitioning Numbers


Career Town


Chameleon Game


Word Wheel1

Word Wheel2




Career Town


Chameleon Game


Word Wheel1

Word Wheel2


Brown Bear Typing 


Same Letter, Different Sound - From ToonUniversity


Poddle Weigh-In

Read a Thermometer


Interactive Thermometer

Hot Stuff - Estimate temperatures using a Fahrenheit thermometer

Inchy Game - Help Andy Ant get to the picnic.

Measure the Teddy Bears - [scroll down to the bear] Click on the correct measurement. Good for whole class review.



Centimeters - To half centimeter 

Inches - To nearest whole number. (from FunBrain) 

Inches - To quarter inch (from FunBrain)

Measure it - Practice using a ruler - inches and centimeters.


Measuring Tools

Time to Move

Which Metric Unit of Length

Measurement of Objects




Read a Calendar 

Quiz  - Use  a Calendar

Quiz - Hours, Days, Weeks, and Months



Shapes 2D and 3D


Alien Punctuation

Capitalization Game

Lesson 8.1 Identifying Solid Shapes 


Flamingo - Form a flock of flamingos with suffixes -y and -ly

Penalty Shootout  - Adding -ing


Comma Chameleon

Comma Practice 

Find the Proper Match - Matching game to stress the difference between Proper Nouns and common nouns.



Chapter 4: Data, Graphing, and Probability
Suffix practice - Practice using suffixes; s/es and ed/ing. Test of Suffixes

Prefix and Suffix - Book Buddy

Suffix Practice

Suffixes Explanation Game

Suffix Matching Game

  Proofreading Makes Perfect  - Capitalization and spellings

Grammar Knowledge


Punctuation Knowledge Quiz 

Sentence Clubhouse - Select type of sentences and insert correct punctuation.

Special Names - Find the correct capitalization of proper nouns.

What's My Mark? - Read the sentence and click on the correct answer; 10 questions in this game.



Main Idea practice - Eight online interactive quizzes on Main Idea from the Manatee School District.

Getting the Main Idea




Making Money

Beginning Consonant Digraphs

Final Consonant Digraphs

Vowel Digraphs


Diphthongs ou and ow

Diphthongs oi, oy, and ew

Comma Practice


Alien Punctuation

More on Main Idea 

Comprehension Passages - Select one of the passages and choose the words that best fit the context of the passage


Shapes 2D and 3D

Chapter 8: Solid Shapes

   Lesson 8.1 Identifying Solid Shapes

   Lesson 8.2 Faces, Edges, and Vertices

   Lesson 8.3 Plane Shapes on Solid Shapes

   Lesson 8.4 Classify and Compare Solid Shapes

   Lesson 8.5 Problem-Solving: Logical Thinking



Chapter 6: Number Concepts and Patterns


Bar Graph as a Picture

Bar Graph Interactive

Coordinate Graphs

Favorite Colors

Interpret Venn Diagrams

Interpreting the Bar Graph

Kids Have Pets

Number Line Diagram

Play Ball

Using a Line Plot

Variations of Y-Axis



Nouns and Pronouns





How to Build a Snowman

Monkey Business: Rain Forest Run Around 

New News

Sequencing - Making a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Sequencing - Using an Elevator (6 Steps)

Sequencing - Planting flowers (8 Steps)

Tying your shoe - Match the sentences with the correct numeral order.







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