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Grade 3

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Grade 3


Assignment  Month and Date 

Time Pattern

Math Pattern - Crack the Safe

Color Pattern

Make Your Own Pattern


Patterns in Detail

The Counting Game - Skip Counting


Pattern Quiz

Spooky Sequence - Count by Fives

Spooky Sequence - Count by Tens

Spooky Sequence






Christmas Lights

Line Dry Number Pattern Game

Make a sentence - Penguins on Ice

Make a Robot


Plant Life Cycle

The Plant Life cycle


Place Value

Place Value : Ones, Tens, and Hundreds





Parts of a Sentence

Sink or Swim

Sentence Sort


Grammar Blast

Clean Up Your Grammar!

Noun or Verb


Road to Grammar

Verb Power - Turn on the carnival lights.

Simple and Compound Sentences


 F-9 Kids Space adventures.

Get Writing—write your own story


  Chameleon Game



Typing - Powertyping.com


Brown Bear Typing 



Build your Own Space


Virtual Solar System by National Geographic

Size Comparison - a sequence of models compares larger and larger objects - great pictures

Planetary Orbits - an excellent animation of planetary orbits.  

Planets of the solar system - Click on a planet to get a short bit of information about each one.

Earth, Sun, and Moon






Fraction on IXL

Fraction Game



Shapes - A yout Tube Video


Shapes (2D and 3D)

Solid Figure Factory

What Shape am I? 



Study Zone by UVIC 



Input and Output Devices


Internet safety

Internet safety Link by FBI

Webonauts Internet Academy

Safety Land

Internet Safety Hangman

Iggey and Rasper’s Internet Safety Game

Anti-Phishing Phil

OnGuard Online








Graph and Analyze Data

1 Collect and Organize Data

2 Explore Range, Median, Mode, and Mean

3 Line Plots

4 Problem-Solving Strategy: Make a Table

5 Make a Pictograph

6 Make a Bar Graph

7 Read Graphs with Ordered Pairs


Root Words Quiz (Try all three levels)

Prefixes Quiz (Try all three levels)

Suffixes Quiz (Try all three levels)


Merpy.com Stories - Animated stories to be read online.


Friendly Letter Maker


April and May


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