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Grade 7 FSA

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Sample Test 1

Sample test 2


On-line L.A Sample Test ------ NEW


Reading a City Map (10 Questions)

Reading a clothing Labels (10 Questions)

Reading Comprehension (15 Questions)


Garmmar Practice




Sample Math Test (25 Questions)

Virginia State Standards of Learning: Science, Math and Technology Practice Tests


Decimals and Percents

Builder Ted


Builder Ted - Levels 1 and 2



Transformations Game

Transformations Game


7th Grade Math Tests - Select from four tests: adding integers, subtracting integers, the coordinate plane and translation. Each test is 30 minutes.





to December

Reading Comprehension Connections


 Getting a Good Night's Rest [ADVANCED] 

 When You Have a Sore Throat [INTERMEDIATE] 


Reading for Thinking:


Using Context Clues:



Practice 1 - Paraphrasing Topic Sentences
Practice 2 - Paraphrasing Passages


Recognizing Patterns:

Practice 1: Recognizing Mixed Patterns
Practice 2: Recognizing Organizational Patterns

Recognizing the Appropriate Inference:

Practice 1
Practice 2

Analyzing Arguments:

Practice 1: Discovering the Point
Practice 2: Evaluating Support


Detecting Bias:

Practice 1
Practice 2
Practice 3
Practice 4

Identifying Purpose and Tone:


Drawing Conclusions:

Practice 1
Practice 2

Understanding Figurative Language:


Understanding Longer Readings:


Learning Internet-Related Terms:



Strategies for Better Reading - Activity 1 

Strategies for Better Reading - Activity 2

Strategies for Better Reading - Activity 3


  1. Drawing Conclusions - Read the story and choose the correct word to complete the sentence. 
  2. Drawing Conclusions - Read the story and choose the correct answer.



How are they selling it? - Part 1 

How are they selling it? - Part 2

How are they selling it? - Part 3


Looking for the Fine Print  ( 3 Parts)






Math test - 10 Questions 


Math Focus Online (All Topics)


FSA Sample Sets (Math)



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